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Central Kentucky Computer Society
News and Upcoming Events

April Tech Night - 7:00 p.m. Monday, Apr 14

* * * Meet at the Lexington Traffic Center * * *

* * * Reservations Required - call 859-373-1000 * * *

A demonstration of how Lexington traffic is monitored and managed.

Complaints about Lexington traffic are persistent. Of course, there are moments when everything goes haywire but most of the time Lexington traffic is much smoother than say, Boston or Seattle or Austin. And don't even mention Los Angeles.

This month's Tech Night will be at the Lexington Traffic Center at the corner of Limestone and Vine Streets. Free parking is available in the lot behind the building between Vine Street and Water Street.

Traffic engineers will give us a tour of the center, show how the computerized signal system works and how the Lexington Traffic Information System coordinates with police and fire departments. Watch traffic on large video screens - see if you can figure out how to make it better.

Security Notice: You must pre-register and have a photo ID to enter the building. The deadline to sign-up is 4 p.m., Friday, April 11.

Classes - Classes - Classes

New classes are coming in April. Watch the Class Calendar for details as plans come together.

Disk Erasing Service

CKCS is now offering a service to erase your older disk drive so you can feel confident that no personal information is left on it before you give it away or dispose of it.

Bring your disk drive or whole computer to CKCS on any Wednesday between 10 AM and 1 PM or to the Dr Fixit Special Interest Group which meets on the first Saturday of every month between 10AM and noon. There is no charge but a small donation would be appreciated.

For more information click here.

Kroger Card Program

Fellow CKCS Member:

Do you do much of your grocery shopping at Kroger? Would you consider using Kroger more if it meant a benefit to CKCS?

Kroger and CKCS have entered into a program whereby Kroger donates a portion of members' grocery purchases to CKCS.

The way we keep track of it all is that each member needs to come by the CKCS office and buy a Kroger gift card for $5. This card is used at the checkout lane of any Kroger store. The cards can be used by any family member.

Initially your card will cover $5 of grocery purchases but the best benefit to CKCS comes if you add to this amount on a periodic basis at your favorite Kroger store as you do your shopping.

One typical plan is for you to write a check to Kroger for an amount roughly equal to what you plan to buy and then stop at the front office of Kroger as you enter the store. They will process the check and add the amount to your card. Then do your shopping and use the card when you checkout. Kroger records your charges and adds them with all other CKCS members' purchases to calculate the monthly donation to CKCS.

You are certainly free to experiment and create your own favorite way to use the card. The cards are necessary to identify CKCS members' purchases to qualify for the donation.

The cards apply to nearly everything available at any Kroger store. Thus with a minimum of inconvenience you can encourage Kroger to support CKCS just by doing your normal grocery shopping. One warning: the cards are the same as gift cards and therefore can be used if lost or stolen, so take care of them.

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