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Advanced Photography: Composition, Perspective, Depth of Field, Photo Stacking


This course will cover four skills that will improve your photography. Composition will focus on elements of design, lines, shapes, forms, textures, patterns. Persepective will include seeing and photographing from many points of view. Depth of field will show you how to make what you want to have in focus and what you want out of focus to emphasize your subject in your picture. Photo Stacking is the process of taking multiple pictures of a subject, changing focus for every picture and combining them in post process to have a photograph with everything in perfect focus.

Students will have weekly assignments using the information explained in each class. The last class will be a critique of everyone's favorite photos.

Software used



Students must bring their camera with fully charged battery and their camera manual to each class. The instructors will show how to set your camera for each part of the course.