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Pages for Macintosh


There are a number of popular word processors designed for Mac users. Of these, only Pages is available for the Mac computer as well as Apple's handheld devices including the iPad and iPhone.
Pages is not only a word processor, but a page layout application. It's also Apple's replacement for the very popular program, AppleWorks. This class will teach you about the Mac version of Pages, but many of the tips you learn will also apply to the Pages version available for the iPad and iPhone. You'll not only learn how to use basic Pages features, you'll also learn about Page's advanced writing tools. You'll discover how Pages can open some AppleWorks and Word files in addition to exporting files into PDF, rich text, EPUB, and Microsoft Word formats. Pages can be used to create simple word processing documents in addition to very advanced newsletters and complex desktop publishing products.

Software used

Macintosh Pages and Macintosh OS X.


Students should know the basics of Macintosh OS X as well as how to use the Mac keyboard and mouse or trackpad. Students may use their personal laptops.