Digital Photography SIG
This SIG meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7.p.m.
Taking pictures has never been easier. Make use of your Virtual Darkroom and join us!
We play with digital photos from cameras or film scanners. We try to improve them with good software,
and then display them either in print or on screen. It's lots of fun and we all learn together!

SIG Leader: Joe Dietz

This Month's Web Page and Program Notes

Digital Photography Special Interest Group

Murphy's Camera on Winchester Road

June 27, 2017

Don Barker has invited CKCS back again to visit Murphy’s Camera on Winchester Road. Most of you (probably all of you) know about Murphy’s Camera. They carry a wide variety of equipment and are always willing to provide professional advice on the latest camera technology. At this meeting Don will talk about new camera equipment on the market. Don advises that there are a lot of new lenses with optical glass available and will explain how they impact your photography. He will also present information about their printing services and how they achieve the quality prints that they provide. Bring your questions! The program will start at 6:00 at their store at 1100 Winchester Road. If you want to peruse their cameras and equipment, come early. Don and his staff will stay late on this day to help you out. You can check out their web page at This month’s photo contest is “Close-Ups”. Boone and Company recently did a session called” Photography-Shooting Up Close” with a lot of good tips. Get out! Take pictures! And send a good close-up to no later than June 26, 2017. Join us on June 27 at 6 PM at 1100 Winchester Road. .


Thanks for all your support!

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Photo of the month Competition

Here are the new topics for 2017.
January - Porches: February - Eyes: March - Bottles/Broken Glass; April - Disappearing professions; May - Hats; June - Close up; July - Annual Photo Contest (1) People at Work, (2) Church Windows, (3) Back Alleys; August - Arches; September - Machine Parts; October - Curves; November - Autumn; December - No meeting - Have a great holiday season! .

Guidelines for our Photo-of-the-Month competition

All members of CKCS can submit one photo each to our Photo-of-the-Month competition.
2. No photo that has already won a prize at one of our competitions can be re-submitted. That includes our ”Hall-of-Fame” Exhibits.
3. The photos will be submitted to the SIG leader at least a day before the SIG meeting. The names of the photographer will not be known to the voters until after the vote has taken place. The SIG Leader who knows the names will be excluded from voting.
4. Every member present at the meeting votes for only one photo.

1. See you there! .

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