Digital Photography SIG
This SIG meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7.p.m.
Taking pictures has never been easier. Make use of your Virtual Darkroom and join us!
We play with digital photos from cameras or film scanners. We try to improve them with good software,
and then display them either in print or on screen. It's lots of fun and we all learn together!

SIG Leader: Joe Dietz

This Months Program Notes

Digital Photography Special Interest Group

ZOOMing Scripts and Effects CKCS Annual Hall-of-Fame

YES – We will have a photo contest this year… HOWEVER – We will be ZOOMing on-line.
Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 7 PM

Based on your recommendations, topics this year are: Black and White Fishing Flower Macros The Contest will be held on July 28, 2020 as a ZOOM SIG. Let your imagination be your guide. This year some things have changed. Instead of hard-copy, participants will e-mail their entries to me. I will organize them to present at the ZOOM Digital Photography Special Interest Group. At the meeting, pictures will be shown by category and everyone can vote on their first, second or third place. Then they can choose which of their first-place entries will the best of show. At the end of the meeting and before midnight, each participant can e-mail me ( their first, second and third place in each category and best-of-show. I will tally them, and they will be announced in the next newsletter. To submit images: • Be a member of CKCS • Each member can submit a maximum of three pictures. They can all be in one category or spread among the three categories. • With each e-mail that you send me be sure to include your name and the category for each entry. • Pictures must be received by me no later than July 27, 2020. The ZOOM link to join this meeting will be found on our Mail Chimp weekly announcement and sent to folks on my e-mail list just prior to the meeting. We look forward to seeing you on ZOOM at 7 PM at CKCS. Join usJuly 27, 2020 at CKCS. Invite a friend. Joe


Thanks for all your support!

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Photo of the month Competition

Here are the new topics for 2020 photo contests.
February – Storm Clouds: March - Crafters at Work: April - Lexington Architecture: May - Automobiles: June - State Parks: July – (3 Hard copy) Black and White, Fishing, Flower Macros: August - Moods: September -Beach Themed Pictures: : October – Fences ; December - No meeting - Have a great holiday season! .

Guidelines for our Photo-of-the-Month competition

All members of CKCS can submit one photo each to our Photo-of-the-Month competition.
2. No photo that has already won a prize at one of our competitions can be re-submitted. That includes our ”Hall-of-Fame” Exhibits.
3. The photos will be submitted to the SIG leader at least a day before the SIG meeting. The names of the photographer will not be known to the voters until after the vote has taken place. The SIG Leader who knows the names will be excluded from voting.
4. Every member present at the meeting votes for only one photo.

1. See you there! .

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