CKCS Special Interest Group

Tech Chat


A discussion group that covers technology and how to live with it.

Why have Tech Chat? ... Do you ever feel like technology is running faster than you can keep up? Has your PC, tablet and smartphone become so smart they seem to be conspiring against you? And, are you worried that your automobile, your household appliances and, maybe, even your home will soon be smarter than you?

What can Tech Chat do? ... By starting Tech Chat, we think we can martial the collective expertise and curiosity of CKCS members to keep each other up to date in the technology race. We do not think that surrender is an option.

The Plan

CKCS has always had the motto "We demystify technology." However, the world of technology seems to be conspiring to "re-mystify" itself at an ever increasing speed. We hope the Tech Chat special interest group can help keep us in front, or at least deluding ourselves to think we are in front.

We hope you will bring deep questions and be willing to help find answers.


The only requirements are curiosity and a willingness to search for answers.